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Preparing your tracks for Mastering


Preparing your premaster

Getting a great sounding master starts with delivering a good premaster. But a great sound engineer and awesome hardware helps too!

Here are some pointers from our engineer to archive the best result!

Getting prepared for mastering takes some consideration:
First and foremost, prevent clipping and leave some headroom to get the best results.It’s important to deliver a mix with maintained dynamic range and transients.
I generally recommend you take off all mixbus compression and limiting. Staying below 0dBFS peak while mixing down to 24bit.

Of course this is just a recommendation for a very personal decision. If mixbus compression is part of your sound, by all means leave it in.*
I don’t mind the peak volume level, as long as it stays under 0dBFS.
If you want to be safe, just peak around -3dBFS.

Another element to pay attention to is +EQ in the 7kHz and 10kHz area, these are typically the “harsh” and “glass” frequencies. Boosting these areas with plugins can have mixed succes. Our mastering studio has got some great analogue equalizers to open up your tracks.

So don’t worry if you feel your mixdown sounds dull when submitting, We will fix that during mastering.

You can also add a self mastered reference mix, this will give us an idea of what you want.


Mastering Compression:

  • Dangerous Music Compressor
  • Buzz Audio Optical Compressor soc -1.1

Mastering EQ:

  • Avalon AD2055 Class A EQ
  • Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Signal path & conversion:

  • Solid State Logic SIGMA
  • SPL M/S Master
  • SPL Madison MADI converter
  • Solid State Logic Alphalink Madi AX converter
  • BURL BOMBER B2 DAC & ADC converters
  • TASCAM DA3000 PCM/DSD Recorder
  • TASCAM CG-1000 MasterClock
  • Audio Accessoires SHORTI Bantam – DB25 Patchbay
  • Van Damme Studioline Blue Interconnects.
  • FURMAN Power


  • TAD S-1EX W Full Range Monitors
  • Class D Audio custom amplifier
  • Audioquest K2 Speaker Cabling


  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5x
  • Steinberg Wavelab 9
  • ELI Arousor
  • Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors
  • Sonnox EQ
  • ToneBoosters Barricade
  • Sonarworks Room EQ

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