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Our newest release is from Mexican duo (Jorge Martziano & Antonio Otheo) Tony Disco.
Tony Disco delivers a 4 track original ep with some of the finest italo and disco sounds!

The Ep’s name Deja Vu refers to the inspiration Tony Disco had while making the tracks.
‘Pinot Noir’ was inspired by Daft Punk’s album Discovery, ‘Zombie Fever’ is inspired by Michael Jackson’s Thriller and ‘Summer at Donnas’ is of course inspired by Donna Summer’s I feel love. The title ‘Royale with Cheese’ references Pulp Fiction, where John Travolta shows off his excellent dancing skills, what better music to dance to than some good old italo!

Keep these guys in sight ’cause they have hot new stuff comin’ up!
We also did a little interview with the boys from Tony Disco. Read all about it below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
We are Jorge (Martziano) & Antonio (Otheo) from Puebla, México. We started together the project back in 2012 when we used to be roomies at Av. Juárez in Puebla City. We are 28 years old and have producing music disco since 2015, 3 years later after we run the project. We lived in Córdoba, Veracruz with our families when we were younger and know each other from 12 years old. We are best friends and love disco music, italo music, house & techno, indie, retro stuff, aliens & cats, sci fi movies and Pink Floyd.

What are production methods (what studio equipment, software, hardware,etc.)?
We use Ableton Live and have some toys at studio like Mopho x4 (Dave Smith), Ultranova (Novation), Arp Odyssey (Korg), TR 909 Boutique (Roland), Korg MS 20 mini (Korg), Vt3 Vocoder (Roland), Push 2 (Ableton), Apc 40 (Akai), MC 505 (Rolando), Bass Guitar and Acoustic & Electric Guitar.

What’s the story behind the Deja vu ep?
Name (Deja vu) came out because we try to do some familiar tunes of great artists that we love like Daft Punk Discovery Album with Pinot Noir, Zombie Fever with Michael Jackson, and Summer at Donnas with Donna Summer but the really first track we did for the EP was ‘Royale with Cheese’ when we wanted to make an italo tune vibe because we think they get people mad at the dancefloor and really like it when you are playing that kind of dance and crazy music. We used to play it and have a lot of fun with it, then we talked about send it like demo to some disco labels that we like very much to official release it, when Rutger answered us and loving the track ‘Pulp’ (Like we used to call it before because the first demo of the track back in 2015/2016 used to have some Samuel Jackson and John Travolta vocal sounds of the movie) we definitely wanted to release it at Silhouette. The other tracks came out after Rutger told us that they wanted to do an official release of ‘Pulp’ with one or two more tracks, we are now at in differents cities and we doesn’t have too much time to be at studio together since 2016 because we started another single projects and Antonio (Otheo) started a family with his girlfriend and have a kid but we talk about do more tracks for the release and start making the beats of ‘Pinot Noir’ and ‘Zombie Fever’ then we feel that the time past and ‘Pulp’ doesn’t have the same sound of ‘Pinot Noir’ and ‘Zombie Fever’ so we try another italo track and finally got ‘Summer at Donnas’, tribute track of Donna Summer and Giorgo Moroder ‘I Feel Love’.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
After finishing Deja vu ep for Silhouette, we talked about doing more tracks to active the project from the pause we used to have and now we are waiting for the release date of tracks we signed at great disco labels like Nude Disco, Tom Tom Disco, Hot Digits and more. We also want to collaborate with L’ Equipe Du Son and still working for Silhouette because we like very much the label.

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